Our History

Kenya Federation of Master Builders(KFMB) is the premier association of contractors in Kenya.

KFMB was established in 1995. It was re-launched in 2004 and has since been in the forefront in highlighting construction industry issues. It has successfully lobbied for acceptance of bid security and performance bonds issued by Insurance firms in the construction value chain thereby lowering the cost of bidding by contractors. KFMB also participated in the drafting of PPOA Act which has brought order in the procurement processes.

KFMB's major achievement was among other stakeholders, the drafting and lobbying for the National Construction Authority Bill. The National Construction Authority has since been mandated to regulate and oversee the development of the construction industry.


To be the leading contractors' association in the region.


To develop SME's and local contractors who are efficient, through vocational training and capacity building, to undertake construction professionally and profitably.


To promote measures and take steps that may be considered advisable for the protection of the interests of its members. 
To promote and encourage consultations between and amongst its members on matters connected with developments and emerging technology the construction industry.


  • To promote measures and take steps that may consider advisable for the protection of the interests of its members.
  • To promote and encourage consultations between and amongst our members on matters connected with developments and emerging technology in the construction industry.
  • To engage in private public dialogue on behalf of contractors
  • To promote continuous professional development amongst members and hence raise the bar in the building industry.
  • To formulate and uphold the highest standards of construction business ethics by encouraging fair practices and efficiency among our members.
  • To provide facilities for the study, enquiry and research into building and construction matters and publicizing the results.
  • To promote training courses on the principles and practices in the building industry.
  • To work together with the government, the public procurement entities and regulators in order to promote professionalism in the construction industry.

It is important to know the genesis of events in the construction industry so as to acknowledge the purpose of this Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB).

The National Construction Corporation (N.C.C.)1967 – The Government established the National Construction Corporation within the Ministry of Works

1972 – The National Construction Corporation Bill was enacted to create the National Construction Corporation Authority as a    Government Parastatal.

The N.C.C was mandated to:

  • Give formal training i.e. organise courses of instruction in fields such as tendering techniques, procurement systems, cost control, site planning and organisation, budgeting and financial control.
  • Train school leavers through polytechnics for certificate and diploma courses level in order to be competent crafts/tradesmen.
  • Capacity building by training contractors on the job by attaching instructors to contract projects and soliciting projects from procuring entities.
  • Provide financial assistance, (affordable access to credit), to enable the contractors to meet and fulfill their contractual obligations.

The assistance was given in the form of bid securities, performance security bonds, project finance advances, hire of equipment etc.

Progress made by N.C.C.

There was tremendous progress made by N.C.C. They took up contracts from Public Procurement Entities such as the Ministry of Works, Tea factories, Schools, Airports, all Defense Projects, Hospitals – etc.
N.C.C. was performing well until there was political interference and the subsequent collapse of NCC in 1988. It was wound up with a lot of assets and the collapse brought down many contractors.

Contractors Association

There now was serious need for an association to lobby for African contractors hence the birth of Kenya Association of African Contractors. Many contractors were brought on board and the Association of African Contractors became the voice for the upcoming contractors.

Due to the World Bank agitating for implementation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, the previously known Association of African Contractors changed to comply as Kenya Federation of Master Builders. To date it has attracted the involvement of over numerous members spread over the whole of the country.