Having recognized and appreciated the magnitude of financial implications associated with construction business, Kenya Federation of Master Builders (KFMB), (the contractors association of Kenya), resolved to open and operate a savings and credit co-operative society (SACCO). Master builders SACCO Ltd is a membership organization registered in 3rd October 2013 in line with the co-operatives Societies Act to:

  1. Mobilize and raise funds to facilitate capital necessary to commence awarded contacts.
  2. In conjunction with other stakeholders, mobilize capital to support contractors during the contract period.
  3. Mobilize construction equipment and machinery for onward letting to contactors.
  4. Mobilize funds to set up facilities to manufacture and fabricate necessary construction components for the construction industry.
  5. Mobilize capital for the provision of bid and bond securities.
  6. Provide financial services to members in order to develop and realize their full potential

Mbuilders SACCO